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ULMD CEO Position Available

ULMD now has an employment opportunity for a new CEO to become the chief liaison to the Denver community to execute the strategic mission of our organization.

In summary, the President and CEO will be responsible for overall management of the Agency to include program administration and coordination and managerial leadership, actively promotes the Urban League Movement specifically in education, workforce development, and the tradition of Civil Rights leadership. Represent the Agency as an affiliate of the National Urban League movement and a member agency of the Mile-High United Way.  Must possess the ability to execute ULMD Board approved strategic plan using all available resources, in accord to Board policy and planning recommendations. Monitor results and provide Board with need assessment as required.  Recruit volunteer leaders in the community to participate on the Agency’s boards and committees; leads and oversees fundraising planning and implementation; identifies resource requirements, researches funding sources, establishes strategies to approach funders, including new contract development, existing contract relationship management, and major planned giving initiatives; recommends yearly budget for Board approval and prudently manages organization resources within the  budget guidelines according to current laws and regulations.  Ability to fully conform to current laws and regulations; maintains existing relationships with community groups; exhibits the highest ethical standards as a leader and executive consistent with the organizations’ code of ethics, and performs other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors. Click here for the full description. Download application questions here.

Open:   April 1, 2018
Close:  April 20, 2018

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About the Urban League

The National Urban League (NUL) was formed on October 11, 1910, to help African American migrants assimilate into urban life.  The NUL began with the merger of three smaller groups, The National League for the Protection of Colored Women, The Committee for Improving the Industrial Conditions for Negroes in New York, and the Committee on Urban Conditions Among Negroes in New York, all dedicated to helping Americans urban newcomers mainly from the South, expand their employment, housing, healthcare, and educational opportunities.

The Urban League of Denver (ULMD), established in 1946, has worked tirelessly to create a level playing field for African Americans and other Denver residents for more than 70 years.  The national and local level has developed a broader focus to people living in vulnerable communities with inequities in education and employment.