The Urban League of Metropolitan Denver is proud to host this summer’s School Showcase on June 6th. The goal of this showcase is to bring schools from around the Denver metro area directly to parents. We believe that if parents are familiar with district and surrounding private schools, they will be able to make the best comprehensive choice on where to send their child.

School choice has been an education buzzword over the past few months. The Urban League of Metropolitan Denver understands school choice to be more of a parents’ choice than anything else. Parents have much at stake and choosing where their son or daughter can best succeed is paramount to continuous achievement and to the community at large.

The School Showcase will be an excellent and exciting time for the community to engage with schools and to make a connection that will be beneficial for the upcoming school year.

The Urban League of Metropolitan Denver invites all students, parents, educators, community leaders and organizations to join us as we build and strengthen parents’ choice in the City of Denver.

For more details regarding the School Showcase, please email Urban League of Metropolitan Denver Education Specialist, Kris Colley at or call the office at 303-377-2790.